By Amodeo's Farm

Our EVOO is entirely produced from Sicilian olives of the cultivar of Nocellara del Belice, handpicked and crushed within 12 hours from the harvesting. We do this from October to November, in the hills of Montevago. The crushing process is done with hammers. We extract using a cold cycle (<27 degrees). Our yield is 16 to 24 liters of oil from 100 kilograms of olives. Conservation is done in stainless steel silos. The resulting oil is not filtered and has a low free oleic acidity.


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Amodeo's Farm, after the Belice earthquake of 1968, wanted to believe in a cross agricultural development of wine vocation in the territory. Today, with the third generation of the family, having gained extensive experience in sales and international marketing, they wanted to create a young and modern brand that aims to spread the knowledge and culture of the EVOO, welcoming company tours with guided tastings and experiences in the chain.
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Region Sicilia, Italy
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