Cantasole Coratina

By Az. Agricola De Marco

Fresh and healthy, this Coratina monovarietal by Cantasole has a fruity aroma with an interesting note of artichokes. It reflects all its green character with a strong pungency and balanced bitterness.

Cantasole Coratina

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In the beautiful Mediterranean landscape of Salento region, very close to the sea, our great grand father, Vincenzo De Marco planted the first olive tree in 1885. At that time, the women living and working on our land, used to sing to the olive trees during the harvest. After four generations, we still produce our olive oil with the same joy and care. Today, the harvest has been mechanized but it still starts very early in the in the morning, when the first sunlight comes up. With this method, we make sure the olives never touch the ground and they are happily taken to the mill to become evoo within 5 hours from collection. If you want to know more about us and the passion of our family for olive oil, you might want to visit our land whenever you are around.
Tasting sensations
Region Puglia, Italy
Cultivar Coratina
Suggested food pairing
Grilled Poultry Match: 4.7 / 5

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