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Carthage Heritage is a brand that emphasizes the history of our oil. Our know-how and the production goes back since the creation of Carthage in 814 BCE. The history of our oil plays a leading role in how we produce it today. So, you can see this from our logo in which two gladiators protect a sacred olive tree with their shields.

Carthage Heritage

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The Carthage Heritage company, based in Monaco, has taken a leading position in the olive oil and olives market for mass distribution as well as in the high-end market. We produce our olive oil in Tunisia which is the story of our brand with a know-how that goes back to the creation of Carthage in 814 BCE. The strategic position of its distribution centers has enabled Carthage Heritage to position itself as a major player in the olive oil market by supplying distributors and supermarkets.
Tasting sensations
Dry Fruit,
Ripe Apple
Region Tunisia
Cultivar Chetoui
Suggested food pairing
Raw Cauliflower Match: 5 / 5

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