Casa De Santo Amaro Clássico

By Trás-os-Montes Prime, Lda

Casa de Santo Amaro Clássico EVOO is the result of the careful selection of the best Cobrancosa, Madural and Verdeal olives. Its immediate cold extraction makes it possible to obtain such an excellent oil.

Casa De Santo Amaro Clássico

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Our olives are grown, harvested, processed, stored and packaged only on our farm. We do this to ensure that a high-quality, pure oil made from fresh and healthy olive fruits goes directly from our farm to your table. It is the only way we know.
Tasting sensations
Green Fruit,
Cultivars Cobrancosa, Verdeal, Madural
Suggested food pairing
Roasted Potatoes Match: 5 / 5

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