Casa Pietraia

By Casa Pietraia

Our olives are handpicked and taken to the mill. The resulting oil is clear with a hint of yellow and reflections of green. It has a fruity fragrance and scents of artichoke, grass and fresh almond, with very low acidity and a high polyphenol content. The taste is fresh and spicy with a bitter touch that creates an elegant and harmonious structure. We use metal cans to ensure higher product quality for the consumer.

Casa Pietraia

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Casa Pietraia is an organic, Tuscan family farm located in the heart of Chianti. Due to the presence of the sea, the soil is rich of minerals. We maintain the traditional Tuscan cultivation of olive trees with the help of modern technologies and constant research. We have chosen to be organic and not to use pesticides or chemicals to respect the environment and we believe that olive oil should not only be good, but also healthy.
Tasting sensations
Green Tea,
Ripe Fruit,
Green Fruit,
Red Fruits
Region Toscana, Italy
Suggested food pairing
Olive Oil Martini Match: 4.7 / 5

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