2017 Gold Award
2016 Best in Class Award

Centenarium Premium

By Nobleza del Sur-Aceites Castellar S.L.

2017 Gold Award
2016 Best in Class Award
This oil is fresh and fruity with herbaceous fragrances. Highly complex, it is reminiscent of wheat grass, lavender and tomato with fruity notes of green banana, apple and almond. It is slightly bitter and spicy.

Centenarium Premium

Nobleza del Sur-Aceites Castellar S.L. View Profile

Three generations of passion, wisdom and commitment: Nobleza Del Sur is an olive family business directly involved in the care of the olive groves. Our family handles every task required for growing and producing a premium quality product.
Tasting sensations
Pink Pepper,
Bitter Almond,
Exotic Fruits
Region Andalusia, Spain
Cultivar Picual
Suggested food pairing
Chiffon Cake Match: 4.7 / 5

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