2018 Gold Award
2017 Gold Award
2016 Gold Award

Conde de Mirasol

By Aceites Mirasol S.L.

2018 Gold Award
2017 Gold Award
2016 Gold Award
This oil is fruity with herbaceous flavors of olive leaf, freshly cut grass, wild plants, artichoke and fruity notes of green banana and apple. It is complex and harmonious in all of its olfactory-gustatory attributes.

Conde de Mirasol

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In the middle of the Subbetica Mountains stands Cortijo El Tejar. It has been owned by the family for more than three centuries and is where some of the best olive trees in the area are nourished.
Tasting sensations
Green Tea,
Green Tomato,
Black Pepper,
Region Andalusia, Spain
Cultivar Hojiblanca
Suggested food pairing
Grilled Salmon Match: 4 / 5

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