Dimnik Olivetumdivinum Istria

By Erigo D.O.O.

In the village of Monterol, on the Istrian peninsula, sits Dimnik Estate. It is here that out understanding of biodynamic farming and natural processes allows us to grow the mystical Olivetumdivinum trees and vines that are key to our products' success. Its close proximity to the sea, at 260 feet above sea level, and the maestral breeze from Venice and Bora, combine to create the unique microclimate for our 12,000 trees.

Dimnik Olivetumdivinum Istria

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Dimnik estate Olivetumdivinum is dedicated to producing the finest quality artisanal olive oils cultivated with biodynamic organic farming. Each olive is hand harvested and processed within hours. With 12 varieties we aim to make monocultivar oils with unparalleled characteristics and taste.
Tasting sensations
Green Almond,
Green Almond,
Region Croatia
Suggested food pairing
Fried Potatoes Match: 5 / 5

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