Fruité vert

By Domaine Stalenq

Our Fruité vert EVOO is made from green olives that were picked before their full maturity, from Picholine and Petit Ribier varieties. The aromas of this oil are dominated by herbaceous sensations.There are also notes of raw artichoke and various green fruits. It has a certain bitterness and ardence (pungency in the mouth) testifying to the freshness of olives at the time of crushing.

Fruité vert

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The brothers Honoré and Anthoine Stalenq purchased the family olive groves in France in 1593. Today, it is with passion that Gilles Stalenq perpetuates the long family tradition of olive growers and millers.
Tasting sensations
Red Fruits
Region France
Suggested food pairing
Cauliflower Soup Match: 5 / 5

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