DueNoveSei Rosalena

By Azienda Agricola Prosseda Adolfo

Surrounded by the Sabina hills is a small medieval village, Moricone, near Rome. In this landscape made unique by its biodiversity, DueNoveSei owns more than 1,000 trees of Carboncella, Salviana, Rosciola, Leccino, Frantoio, Itrana and Leccio del Corno. From these olives, harvested when still green and cold processed within 12 hours with a continuous cycle extraction system, rises an harmonious blend: DueNoveSei Rosalena.

DueNoveSei Rosalena

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Located 296 meters above sea level, among the hills of the Sabine in the medieval village of Moricone, our family has been taking care of the olive trees for three generations.
Tasting sensations
Region Lazio, Italy
Suggested food pairing
Grilled Broccoli Match: 5 / 5

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