2018 Gold Award

Elleivæ Biologico.

By Sant'Anastasio Societa Argicola SRL

2018 Gold Award
Elleivæ Biologic EVOO is produced from selected olives from very established olive grove. The oil is IGP Toscano and combines 75-percent Frantoio; 15-percent Pendolino; 10-percent Moraiolo; and less than five-percent Leccino olives. They are grown biologically, without the use on any chemical fertilizers. The oil is produced mechanically from olives that are cold pressed on day of the harvest. This process is fully certified by Italian authorities.

Elleivæ Biologico.

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Sant'Anastasio Societa Agricola is committed to producing organic olive oil in the Pontassieve, Tuscany. In 2017, we acquired an olive grove of 2300 trees and produced this EVOO. We plan to increase our production, both by improving currently owned olive groves as well as by acquiring new groves. After acquisition of old olive groves, Sant'Anastasio Societa Agricola brings them back to the superior standard required for our EVOO production.
Tasting sensations
Red Chili Pepper,
Anise (Pimpinella)
Region Toscana, Italy
Cultivar Blend
Suggested food pairing
Boiled or Steamed Peas Match: 4.7 / 5

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