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ETRURIO is a line of high quality olive oils, characterized by herbaceous hints, artichoke and spices. The olives are produced in Tuscany, where the Etruscan society 3,000 year ago had the strongest presence. Most of the olive oil labels reproduce the Etruscans while playing percussion, string and wind instruments with the only exemption of ALLEGRO, the most delicate oil of all the series.


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The vocation of OliveGrove Partners is to combine the best of Italian agricultural traditions with the best international technological innovation. The OliveGrove Partners Etrurio brand is a line of high quality olive oils produced in the heart of Tuscany. Our oils are characterized, depending on the oil, with herbaceous, artichoke hints and spices aftertaste. With the Etrurio line, olive oil stops being a simple condiment, and becomes a true sensory experience.
Tasting sensations
Ripe Notes,
Red Pepper,
Green Almond
Region Toscana, Italy
Cultivars Arbequina, Maurino
Suggested food pairing
Biscuit Cake Match: 5 / 5

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