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Etrurio is a line of high quality olive oils. Each year each olive oil is made our of a fixed selection of the finest extra virgin olive oils produced in the estate. Our 2018 'Mosso' is the blend of four different cultivars: Maurino, Arbequina, Koroneiki and Sikitita.


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The Etrurio brand is a line of high-quality Tuscan olive oils. The estates are all located in Maremma, the area that gave birth to the Etruscan civilization. Depending on the vintage, Etrurio can produce up to six different types of olive oil to satisfy all palates and different culinary combinations. Our olive oils are characterized, depending on the oil, with herbaceous and artichoke hints and spices aftertaste.
Tasting sensations
Green Pepper,
Hot Chili,
Region Toscana, Italy
Suggested food pairing
Smoked Pork Match: 5 / 5

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