Fam Ravece

By Fam S.A.S.

Fam Ravece EVOO is produced with olives of the Ravece variety obtained from our company's olive groves, harvested by hand directly from the tree and cold pressed after a few hours in our own oil mill.

Fam Ravece

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Flora, Antonio and Maria Tranfaglia, are the three siblings who run and work to mold the company in the image of their father, Marciano. The family takes pride in the art of olive oil production in Irpinia since founding their mill in 1997. The 19,000-square-foot mill contains every step of the process in a highly modern and stat-of-the-art facility.
Tasting sensations
Green Pepper,
Green Almond,
Hot Chili,
Green Fruit,
Green Pepper
Region Campania, Italy
Cultivar Ravece
Suggested food pairing
Grilled Pollack Match: 4 / 5

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