2018 Best in Class Award
2017 Gold Award

Franci Bio Toscano IGP

By Frantoio Franci

2018 Best in Class Award
2017 Gold Award
This organic Frantoio variety extra virgin olive oil has a balanced, soft taste and a delicate sweetness followed by palatable and harmonious spicy notes. It is produced by Frantoio Franci, a family company located in Tuscany.

Franci Bio Toscano IGP

Frantoio Franci View Profile

Frantoio Franci was founded in the 1950s by the brothers Fernando and Franco Franci. Since then, the oils of the Franci family have been writing a history of success and absolute quality.
Tasting sensations
Pink Pepper,
Dry Fruit,
Region Toscana, Italy
Cultivar Frantoio
Suggested food pairing
Eggs Match: 4.8 / 5

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