By Etery Korili - Kostava

This extra virgin bio olive oil is produced from olives exclusively grown on our farm and cold-treated at 24 °C. It is available in 0.5 liter and one-liter glass bottles, which are exported entirely to Japan and Poland. In the Greek market it is available in five-liter containers. The olive oil is made with a two-phase process.


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The olive grove was created in 2000 at the location of Mouria in the village of Neo Iraio, four miles southeast of Mycenae. In 2015 it was placed under a regime of organic farming approval and in 2018 it was biologically certified by Biohellas.
Tasting sensations
Olive Leaf
Region Greece
Cultivar Korileiki
Suggested food pairing
Greek Salad Match: 4.7 / 5

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