2018 Gold Award

Kyklopas Early Harvest

By Kyklopas Elaiotriveio Argyri Keldi SA

2018 Gold Award
This is a single-variety extra virgin olive oil with an exceptionally low acidity. The oil is characterized by fruitiness of mid to high intensity with enhanced tones of fresh green olive and green banana, artichoke and freshly cut grass. It has a complex, yet delicate taste with moderate bitter and spicy tones. It is best consumed raw as a finishing touch to all your dishes.

Kyklopas Early Harvest

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The Kyklopas olive mill is situated in Makri, northern Greece, among one of the oldest olive groves in the Mediterranean. The Kelidi family has 12,000 olive trees of the local Makri olive variety. They produce Kyklopas extra virgin olive oil, one of the most highly awarded olive oils in Greece, as a result of their passion and love for what they do, combined with continuously keeping up to date with the latest developments.
Tasting sensations
Green Almond
Region Greece
Cultivar Makri
Suggested food pairing
Eggs Match: 4.8 / 5

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