Les Cabanes

By Agrícola Sant Isidre i S.C. de Juncosa SCCL

Since 2010, the Cooperative has a new mill, fully extended, renovated and modernized, with the most advanced machinery to provide safer and more efficient production process in the production of extra virgin olive oil, Les Cabanes. The new mill, located in the entry of the village, offers all the modern facilities and comforts of a new facility and it integrates the process of our olive oil, from grinding to the journey to the house of our clients

Les Cabanes

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We are an agricultural cooperative founded in 1919, with 140 producers dedicated to producing excellent quality products while preserving the land.
Tasting sensations
Green Banana,
Bitter Almond,
Region Catalonia, Spain
Cultivar Arbequina
Suggested food pairing
Pasta Match: 5 / 5

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