Longovilo Blend

By Agricola Monteolivo Chile

This fruity intense EVOOO is made with our highest quality olives, which are handpicked and cold pressed immediately in order to preserve their unique flavors and health benefits.
A Robust Blend from Chile

Longovilo Blend

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The history of our EVOO begins in 1999, on a plantation of 100 acres. In September 2003, after having perfected our oil production process, we decided to expand. For this purpose, we bought 1,980 acres of land called San Mariano. At the beginning of 2005, we integrated it with Las Damas, a farm of 1,120 acres located in the Colchaga Valley, a few miles from the coast. Today, both properties are planted with our olive trees.
Tasting sensations
Dry Fruit
Region Chile
Suggested food pairing
Broiled or Fried Beef Match: 4.3 / 5

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