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Our EVOO is a pressed oil that is extracted by using only physical processes. We say “extraction" instead of “production" because nothing is produced. We simply extract the oil held within olives from our Santa Maria de Cepeda Alta and Agudillos Estates. From this extraction process, our “Magnun Sess Premium" was born.

Magnun Sess

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We are a Company dedicated to the production, extraction and commercialization of high quality olive oil since 1969. Our olive oil is produced at our own estates. Located in Andújar, Jaén, Spain. The estates have a joint surface area of one hundred hectares, and are situated behind the Sierra Morena, along the Guadalquivir River. The altitude is 500 meters above sea level. All favorable for the production of our olive oil, due to their aromatic intensity, the best climate conditions and their high ecological value
Tasting sensations
Green Tomato,
Ripe Olives,
Ripe Fruit
Region Andalusia, Spain
Cultivar Picual
Suggested food pairing
Brussels Sprouts Match: 5 / 5

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