Monini Monocultivar

By Monini

The Nocellara cultivar is a Sicilian variety native of the Belice Valley. Nocellara del Belice oil features a particularly intense fragrance, a herbaceous green color with characteristic green tomato notes. Its vegetable notes hint at various wild herbs with a slight citrus taste on a bitter background of medium intensity. Its spiciness and persistence are not excessive.

Monini Monocultivar

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Monini’s history is simple and has been about extra virgin olive oil for three generations. Our philosophy is clear: every Monini product must be impeccable. Our mission is always the same: sharing our love and passion for EVOO through the art of selecting the extra virgin olive oils in the oil mills certified by us. Zefferino Monini personally selects all raw materials to create masterful blends of monovarietals, regional DOP/IGP, Italian and Mediterranean products.
Tasting sensations
Ripe Fruit,
Region Sicilia, Italy
Cultivar Nocellara
Suggested food pairing
Pork Vegetable Stir-Fry Match: 5 / 5

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