DOP Garda Orientale

By Azienda Agricola Cerdonio

Olio DOP Garda Orientale is a special extra virgin olive oil produced within Lake Garda near Verona in Italy. It has to respect special rules to become DOP. Only some olive cultivars grown in a special area of Lake Garda can be used to make this blend and the olives have to be milled in the same area. The extra virgin oil produced by these methods has to pass a strictl examination to become DOP.

DOP Garda Orientale

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We are a little family olive oil company producer. Extra virgin olive oil is our passion and we try to produce high level extra virgin olive oil studying how to improve our quality every year.
Tasting sensations
Green Pepper,
Green Tea,
Region Veneto, Italy
Cultivars Leccino, Casaliva, Pendolino
Suggested food pairing
Semi-Soft Cheeses Match: 4.7 / 5

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