Jill Georges Biologico - Seggiano DOP

By Hortulanus S.R.L.

The Hortulanus company, owned by the Steinberg family, is located in Podere Bugnanese, a completely renovated rural complex that extends for over 50 acres in the countryside of Seggiano. It is from the love for this land and from the dynamic relationship existing between the natural environment and the organisms that live it, that Hortulanus has found the secret of its precious products.

Jill Georges Biologico - Seggiano DOP

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The Hortulanus organic farm was born in 2009 in the unspoiled countryside of Seggiano, Tuscany. It is a place full of history and authenticity. The olive groves belong to the Olivastra seggianese cultivar. It is a botanical jewel that grows exclusively between 980 and 1,900 feet above sea level on the slopes of Monte Amiata.
Tasting sensations
Black Pepper,
Exotic Fruits,
Ripe Fruit,
Ripe Olives,
Tomato Leaf
Region Toscana, Italy
Suggested food pairing
Plain Yogurt Match: 5 / 5

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