By Yihai Kerry Group

Olivoilà is a pure, noble, blessing that embraces the essence of the Mediterranean diet. Olivoilà selects only the finest quality olives from the Mediterranean coasts. The fruits are manually cold pressed within 24 hours after having been carefully picked and selected. The first pressed oil tastes noticeably fresh, rich in nutrition, and brings the original taste and flavor of the Mediterranean to life.


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Yihai Kerry Group, invested in by Wilmar International Ltd, is a diversifying group of enterprises in China. It is headquartered in Shanghai and does business mainly in oils and grains, as well as oleo chemicals, logistics, trading and seeds.
Tasting sensations
Tomato Leaf,
Region Various
Cultivar Hojiblanca
Suggested food pairing
Fried Potatoes Match: 5 / 5

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