2017 Silver Award
2016 Gold Award
2015 Gold Award

Ortice Riserva

By Tenuta Romano S.R.L.

2017 Silver Award
2016 Gold Award
2015 Gold Award
This fresh Italian oil is large and enveloping, rich in vegetable hints of freshly cut grass, tomato leaf and apple. Made from the Ortice variety, it has a bitterness reminiscent of artichoke, chicory and chili, and is powerful but balanced.

Ortice Riserva

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The attention, care and love that Alberto Romano puts into his work is found in each bottle of his oil, which today represents Italian excellence, and drives him to do better and pursue bigger goals.
Tasting sensations
Region Campania, Italy
Cultivar Ortice
Suggested food pairing
Cauliflower Soup Match: 5 / 5

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