By Az Agricola Ca' Crespana

Paneolio's Peridot is an extra virgin olive oil made from delicately handpicked olives harvested in early October. The oil is made mainly from Grignano olives, which is an original variety from the area of Valpolicella and the northern hills surrounding Verona. The result is olive oil with well-balanced bitter and peppery notes and a medium-intense fragrance characterized by clear notes of artichoke and tomato.


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Paneolio is the result of our journey through the world of olive oil, starting with our father and founder of the family business, Peter Pan. Thanks to the special microclimate of the Garda Lake, we are able to produce high quality olive oil in one of the most northern regions of the world. With a lot of respect to tradition, we are focusing on regional varieties in order to give back the appreciation they deserve.
Tasting sensations
Black Pepper,
Region Veneto, Italy
Cultivar Grignano
Suggested food pairing
Fruit Ice Cream & Sorbet Match: 4.7 / 5

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