By Agricultural Cooperative Petrina

Our Cooperation produces only Koroneiki variety EVOOS of the Petrina Protected Designation of Origin. The extra virgin olive oil Petrina Lakonias is yellowish green, gold and its shades depend on the ripeness of the olive fruit at the harvest. It is not acidic. Its flavor has a slight bitterness, which disappears over the time, and its scent is fruity and especially strong when it is fresh.


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Owing to school teacher Koutoupis’ perspicacity, the idea of a cooperative society came into being in 1907. By 1915 the society was founded and named Agricultural Cooperative Petrina, being the first agricultural cooperative in Greece. The Petrina farmers’ idea is joint pressing of all olives from admission to the press. It s a great and impressive achievement in the evolution of the cooperative concept and has succeeded in improving the quality of the olive oil.
Tasting sensations
Pine Nuts,
Green Banana
Cultivar Koroneiki
Suggested food pairing
Eggs Match: 4.8 / 5

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