Rio Bravo Ranch Coratina

By Rio Bravo Ranch

Made from 100 percent Californian grown, organic Coratina olives, this extra virgin olive oil features notes of olive leaf, green almond and has a peppery finish. It is a medium to robust oil with light bitterness and a pungent finish and was awarded Best in Show by the California Olive Oil Council. It was harvested in October 2018.

Rio Bravo Ranch Coratina

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The Rio Bravo Ranch, consisting of approximately 8,000 acres, located along the Kern River just downstream from the mouth of Kern Canyon, is home to some of Bakersfield’s most breathtaking scenery. Today, the Nickel family continues to own and operate the Rio Bravo Ranch, with James Nickel, a fifth-generation descendant of Henry Miller, as its president. The ranch farms various varieties of citrus, almonds, cherries, olives, and grazes cattle on the open land.
Tasting sensation
Cultivar Coratina
Suggested food pairing
Sautéed Cauliflower Match: 4.7 / 5

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