2017 Silver Award

Terra Zakros

By Nikolaos Ailamakis& SIA O.E.E

2017 Silver Award
Our oil is made in Crete, Zakros, where extra virgin olive oil renowned for its quality is produced from the Koroneiki variety of olives. It has a golden-green color, a balanced bitter-sweet flavor, durable aftertaste and a fruity scent. The undeniable quality comes from care, diligence, attention, processing and standardization based on International Specifications.

Terra Zakros

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We are a family company with years of experience in oil production and unmatched enthusiasm about it. Located in the village of Zakros in Crete, we aim at top quality oil produced by combining technology, expertise and reliability.
Tasting sensations
Ripe Notes,
Ripe Fruit,
Ripe Apple,
Tropical Friuts
Cultivar Koroneiki
Suggested food pairing
Eggs Match: 4.8 / 5

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