2015 Gold Award

Ziro Eleolado Sitias

By Ziro Sitias

2015 Gold Award
Ziro Sitias produces EVOO exclusively from olive trees of the Koroneiki variety. Made in limited quantities, this oil has an intense fruitiness, a slightly bitter taste and a rich aroma. It is high in polyphenols.

Ziro Eleolado Sitias

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Ziro Sitias is a producer of high quality EVOO. The groves where the fruit is born and ripens are located in the mountainous regions of eastern Crete in the village of Ziros, Sitia, an area with its own particular microclimate.
Tasting sensations
Exotic Fruits,
Green Fruit
Cultivar Koroneiki
Suggested food pairing
Poached Cod Match: 5 / 5

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