Zouitina Prestige

By Olea Trading

A privileged terroir next to the Atlas mountains, exquisite care of the grove throughout the year, a minimum period of time between the harvesting and processing of the fruit and both a technical extraction and stabilization of the resulting product directed by our oil master. We bet strongly to prestige our national variety Picholine Marocaine.

Zouitina Prestige

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The aim of the Olea Trading founders is to develop this group to become the national leader in the olive oil industry, seeking also to enhance this industry on an international level. The main purpose of Olea Trading is to manage and control the entire chain of the olive industry: the growing and milling of olives, storage, assessing and marketing of bulked and packaged branded products to be placed on domestic and international markets.
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Region Morocco
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Poached Catfish Match: 5 / 5

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