Oliva Palacios

Olivapalacios is a family business dedicated to the production and bottling of high quality extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) of 100% Picual and Arbeuina olive varieties, in our olive mill, Los Palacios, located in Campo de Calatrava, Almagro, Ciudad Real, of nutrient-rich lands and exceptional climate, in our 210-hectare olive grove on a soil of very unique volcanic origin that gives very defined, exceptional, characteristic and unique nuances to the oil that we produce. We are focused on producing excellence to differentiate ourselves, since not all EVOO have the same organoleptic qualities and nutritional properties. We are committed to introducing innovation and the highest technology in our oil mill, sustainable and environmentally friendly, at the service of the tradition in each part of the production process, and we elaborate a practically artisanal, natural EVOO, with extreme care and dedication starting with the care of the olive trees and the olives, to the bottling of the resulting liquid gold, prioritizing quality over maximization of production and cost savings.

Palacio de los Olivos