2018 Gold Award
2017 Silver Award

Guglielmi dal 1954

By Guglielmi dal 1954

2018 Gold Award
2017 Silver Award
This Italian oil of the Coratina variety is intensely fruity with pleasantly bitter and spicy notes. Its flavor is in perfect harmony with its rich vegetable smell. It has a herbaceous aftertaste of tomatoes, almonds and artichokes.

Guglielmi dal 1954

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Located in the green Andria in the heartland of Apulia, Italy, Guglielmi lands extend over nearly 400 carefully cultivated acres. Our philosophy is to combine tradition with the real needs of modern customers through a unique, high quality product.
Tasting sensations
Olive Leaf,
Green Banana,
Cultivar Coratina
Suggested food pairing
Roasted Potatoes Match: 4.7 / 5

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