Ol Istria Selection

By Agrolaguna D.D.

Ol Istria Selection, extra virgin olive oil is obtained by blending several great quality olive varieties, and will surely enchant you with its harmonious notes. Hand-harvested and undamaged olives along with our production process have combined to create this premium extra virgin olive oil that will meet the highest expectations of culinary experts and lovers of healthy dishes.

Ol Istria Selection

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Agrolaguna is a company whose business is conducted in multiple parts: viticulture, olive plantations on nearly 3,000 acres of cultivated land. Agrolaguna companies whose business is conducted in multiple parts: vineyards, olive trees and livestock production, and all its products are regionally very well known brands.
Tasting sensations
Red Chili Pepper,
Ripe Fruit,
Green Banana
Region Croatia
Suggested food pairing
Baked or Broiled Catfish Match: 5 / 5

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