2018 Silver Award


By Az. Agricola Il Giogo di Perinelli Emanuela

2018 Silver Award
Péler is made from Grignano olives. The oil is characterized by very green-grass scents and slimmer citrus sensations. In the mouth, it opens on pleasing bitter notes, which soon leave room for a steady progression of the spicy aromas of tomato leaves and capers. Its full and pungent aroma lingers, with notes of woodland undergrowth, artichoke and lemongrass.


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Lake Garda enjoys a particular microclimate that makes it one of the finest olive-growing areas. It is here where we grow olives naturally. In the first week of October, we harvest each olive carefully by hand and mechanically, selecting from our cultivars: Casaliva, Grignano, Moraiolo, Favarola, Leccio and Pendolino. We extract our extra virgin olive oil in two phases, which helps us to collect the intensity of the aromas and flavors found in this unique and distinctive flavors.
Tasting sensations
Black Pepper,
Region Veneto, Italy
Cultivar Grignano
Suggested food pairing
Smoked Pork Match: 4 / 5

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