2018 Gold Award
2017 Gold Award


By Jaencoop S.C.A. 2º Grado

2018 Gold Award
2017 Gold Award
Prologo is a 100 percent extra virgin olive oil from the Picual variety. It is distinguished by a strict fruit selection process and early harvesting, which provides the oil with increased intensity, freshness, and natural antioxidant levels.


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Jaencoop SCA 2º Grado is the second largest cooperative group producer and trader of olive oil worldwide. We lead the way in innovation and development of new techniques related to olive oil production.
Tasting sensations
Green Almond,
Green Tomato,
Tomato Leaf,
Green Fruit
Region Andalusia, Spain
Cultivar Picual
Suggested food pairing
Raw (Carpaccio) Beef Match: 5 / 5

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