2018 Silver Award


By Marqués de Valdueza

2018 Silver Award
Merula is a fruity oil with a medium intensity. The aroma is a construction of different fruits: olives, apples, bananas and pears. The olives, from four varietals, are unified by the aroma of cut grass. In the mouth, the softness of this oil persists over time, with light bitterness and a slightly more intense, spicy finish. The dominating toasted almond tone lingers, defining this oil’s personality.


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The Marqués de Valdueza produces Merula on his Perales estate near Mérida, Spain, where his family has been producing olive oil since 1624. Producers of Ávila beef, fine wine, vinegar, honey and a host of other products, this family lives in the tradition typical of Spanish nobility. The Marqués' exquisite taste is reflected by the products that come from his estates and which can be found in the finest kitchens around the world.
Tasting sensation
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Poached Salmon Match: 5 / 5

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