San Giuliano Primér

By Domenico Manca S.P.A.

Nearly 100 acres of the San Giuliano company’s most prized olive groves near Alghero are used for the production of this EVOO. The Manca family has christened it “Primér”, which means “first” in the local dialect, because the olives used to make it are harvested at the beginning of the season, before the arrival of the first wintery mistral winds.

San Giuliano Primér

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Located in Sardinia, Italy, Domenico Manca SPA comes from the Manca family's long history of olive oil production. The oil processing plant is modern, but the family has preserved the milling traditions that have characterized its activity since the 1800s.
Tasting sensations
Olive Leaf,
Pine Nuts
Region Sardegna, Italy
Cultivars Bosana, Semidana
Suggested food pairing
Poached Clams Match: 5 / 5

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