2018 Gold Award

Único de Mondrón

By Olivarera San José Artesano SCA

2018 Gold Award
Our EVOO is produced in a small mill - by our cooperative - from a unique variety of olive: Verdial de Vélez. We are located in the village of Mondrón in the Axarquía of Málaga. Our centenary olive trees are grown in a unique enclave: the mountains situated a couple miles from the Mediterranean Sea. We have a magnificent museum where you can see the traditional elements of an oil mill.

Único de Mondrón

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We are a small cooperative that is nearly 50 years old and is made up of 450 partners. We are located in the mountain of the Axarquía in Periana, Málaga. From our unique varietal of olives, Verdial de Vélez, we make magnificent extra virgin olive oils by applying advanced technology and our combined knowledge.
Region Andalusia, Spain
Cultivar Verdial
Suggested food pairing
Pea Soup Match: 4.7 / 5

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