Allegretti Coratina

By Demar

This EVOO is fairly fruity with hints of herbs and leaves, grass and artichoke. The taste is full-bodied and structured with vegetable notes, amongst which artichoke, almond husk and aromatic herb accents stand out. Overall, this oil strikes a balance between being fairly bitter and spicy.

Allegretti Coratina

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Established in June 2012, our farm covers 220 acres in the Fasano (Valle d’Itria) and Ceglie Messapica districts, in Puglia. The farm is run under an organic agriculture regime, as certified by ICEA. Demar has 12,000 olive trees, including young trees and centuries-old trees, from which organic EVOO of outstanding quality is obtained.
Tasting sensations
Green Pepper,
Bitter Almond,
Red Chili Pepper
Region Puglia, Italy
Cultivar Coratina
Suggested food pairing
Roasted Potatoes Match: 4.7 / 5

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