Amore Puro

By Crea cosme

Amore Puro is an IGP Toscano EVOO and also a brand of skin care products based on our EVOO. Amore Puro consists of 16 products: hydrating and cleansing cosmetics for the face, body and hair. As a chemist and owner of the brand, I want to emphasize the rich benefits of EVOO for the body and skin. Its contents in various polyphenols, vitamin E, squalene and its particular composition of fatty acids makes EVOO an outstanding partner for our health.

Amore Puro

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Our company distributes EVOO IGP Toscano through the selective channel of pharmacies and premium retailers. Besides EVOO we created a line of 16 skin care products for body and face. All are based on our Amore Puro EVOO. As a chemist I'm convinced of the beneficial properties of EVOO, both for health and skin.
Tasting sensations
Fig Leaf,
Green Almond
Region Toscana, Italy
Suggested food pairing
Sautéed Peas Match: 4.7 / 5

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