2018 Silver Award

Any Varieties Blend

By Green Basket Japan Inc.

2018 Silver Award
Olive oil blends are often done for the purpose of supplementing the advantages and disadvantages of varieties and for making the quality and taste of each year uniform. Any Varieties Blend is different. Our olive groves are brand new and this blend is a tribute to the varieties that are trailblazing the way for Japanese extra virgin olive oil production.

Any Varieties Blend

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Green Basket Japan was established in 2017 and has just started to produce olive oil in the suburb of Tokyo, Odawara, which is a very new area for olive cultivation. The founder and producer Kai Kato grew up this area and believes in the Buddhist idea of Shin-Do-Fuji, which tells of the importance of enjoying locally grown food while respecting the strong connections between the lands and people living there.
Tasting sensation
Region Japan
Suggested food pairing
Poached Tilapia Match: 5 / 5

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