By Enotre di Pietro Pollizzi

Enotre extra virgin olive oil comes from the southern Italian region of Calabria, at the foot of the Sila Crotonese mountain. Here Enotre’s agricultural enterprise continues the oil production of the Pollizzi family, taking over its tradition and passion for olive cultivation. Obtained by the Carolea variety, Enotre has a medium fruity flavor and a low acidity due both to the type of cultivar and to the altitude at which it is produced.


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Following the most modern methods of pressing, the oil is extracted respecting the environment and without chemicals. The result is a savory but delicate olive oil, with a very low acidity and a fruity taste, which enhances the flavor of any dish, without covering it. Enotre fruttato delicato delicately combines the authenticity and the taste of an extra virgin olive oil, modern agronomic techniques together with the passion for the tradition of oil production.
Tasting sensations
Green Almond,
Region Calabria, Italy
Cultivars Coratina, Leccino
Suggested food pairing
Pork Vegetable Stir-Fry Match: 5 / 5

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