2017 Gold Award
2016 Gold Award

Olio Presto

By Brezza Tirrena Italia

2017 Gold Award
2016 Gold Award
Olio Presto comes from our September and October hand-harvesting, when our Itrana olives are still firm, lush, green and high in polyphenols. This gives our oil a robust flavor that is green and grassy with just the right balance of bitterness and pungency, and a peppery highlight. Olio Presto has been analyzed and tested by the World Olive Center in Athens, resulting in a health claim shared by only a few other oils in the world.

Olio Presto

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Brezza Tirrena was formed in 2013, but the history of our mill goes back many years. Our 200 year old Itrana olive groves are nestled high on the limestone-rich terraced hills of the Ausoni and Aurunci mountains overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea.
Tasting sensations
Black Olives,
Ripe Fruit,
Red Pepper,
Region Lazio, Italy
Cultivar Itrana
Suggested food pairing
Beets Match: 4.7 / 5

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