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Bozelli is a made-up name, explaining our philosophy. "Boz" refers to the village Bozburun, where our farm is located. It also means "disrupt" in Turkish, referring to our mindset of challenging everything that is known so far, in the pursuit of perfect olive oil. "-elli" refers to "el," meaning "hand." Due to the nature of the rough terrain, we harvest our olives early and by hand, cold-pressing them for the oil immediately.


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We are third generation oil producers, dedicated to perfection. Our inland location stretches the climate boundaries of olive farming with big day and night temperature changes. Steep hills, 300 sunny days per annum, constant Northern winds and our deficit irrigation prepares our fruit for the best results. We are the only farm with seven varieties from various parts of the world, carefully selected and planted for the best possible blend options. Established in 2010, our farm has 18,000 trees.
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Boiled Broccoli Match: 4.7 / 5

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