2017 Silver Award
2016 Gold Award
2015 Gold Award


By Oleocampo, S. C. A.

2017 Silver Award
2016 Gold Award
2015 Gold Award
Our best extra virgin olive oil, Picual variety Oleocampo Premium, tends towards greenish and green-yellowish tones that are easily recognizable. Our olives are hand-picked at the peak of ripeness and milled very quickly to ensure the highest quality oil. Its odor is usually defined as fruity, fresh and fragrant, while its taste is noted for a distinctive bitterness with an intense aftertaste of fresh olive.


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Oleocampo, founded in 1994 in JaƩn, Spain. It is a company combining experience and know-how in the marketing of olive oil nationally and internationally, and is regarded as a reference at the provincial and national levels.
Tasting sensations
Dry Fruit,
Region Spain
Cultivar Picual
Suggested food pairing
Poached Clams Match: 5 / 5

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