2017 Gold Award

Primicia Blend

By Martín de Prado EVOO

2017 Gold Award
Primicia Blend is an intense, green and fruity EVOO made from Picual blended with Manzanilla varieties, which are grown on the slopes of Villuercas Geopark in Cáceres, Spain. The oil’s bitterness, pungency and sweetness are low to medium with rich scents, including artichoke, banana skin, olive leaves, green almonds and green apple. Its flavor is persistent with an enduring aftertaste.

Primicia Blend

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Martín de Prado is a family name, deeply rooted in farming and livestock tradition of western Spain. The mill, located in the impressive city of Trujillo, is just two hours from Madrid. The region's long and mild winters make for the perfect conditions to achieve olive oil elaboration.
Tasting sensations
Red Pepper,
Cultivar Blend
Suggested food pairing
Broiled or Fried Poultry Match: 4.3 / 5

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