Oleum Hispania

By Molino Virgen de Fátima SL

Without any doubt all the efforts of Oleum Hispania are summarized in this oil, which is unique in the world. It is obtained from healthy olives, collected from the tree in its exact point of maturation, strictly selected and cold pressed only hours after the collection of the olive, in order to preserve all its color, taste and smell.

Oleum Hispania

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Molino Virgen de Fátima SL is a family company specializing in the management of high quality olive oil in its different varieties and categories. We produce and commercialize Spanish olive oils, in bulk and bottled, of maximum quality and with very competitive prices.
Tasting sensations
Green Almond,
Green Tomato
Region Andalusia, Spain
Cultivar Pajarera
Suggested food pairing
Fish Match: 5 / 5

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