2016 Gold Award

Yanni’s Finest

By Yanni's Olive Grove

2016 Gold Award
Yanni's Finest is a monovarietal, early harvest EVOO with an intense fruity aroma and flavor, produced from the local variety wild olive tree of Chalkidiki. This balanced EVOO, with low acidity, has a bitter taste and a characteristic pungent aftertaste.

Yanni’s Finest

Yanni's Olive Grove View Profile

Yanni's Olive Grove is a family company based at Chalkidiki peninsula in Greece. Our early harvest green EVOOs have excellent quality and high phenolic content. Our company supports the scientific research of the Alzheimer Hellas on the first clinical trial in humans. Our EVOOs production prosses is under the care of the American Farm School in Greece and the Intelligent Agriculture system of the National Greek Organization. We believe in the Mediterranean Healthy Diet.
Tasting sensations
Green Almond,
Black Pepper,
Cultivar Wild Chalkidiki
Suggested food pairing
Sautéed Peas Match: 4.7 / 5

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