L'Olinda Monovarietal Mignola

By L'Olinda Olive Mill

L'Olinda is our product of excellence, we hand picked the olives from our grove in San Marcello and press them within 3 hours at our mill in the center of the grove. Harvesting around mid-October reduces the quantity, but improves the quality of the oil. Our Mignola olives are small, starting out as an intense green which changes to ink black. The taste is sweet but with spicy and bitter notes and with an aftertaste of artichoke and berries
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L'Olinda Monovarietal Mignola

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L'Olinda Olive Mill is located in the rolling hills of the Marche region, in the center of Italy, in San Marcello (430 feet high and 6 miles from the Adriatic sea). We produce organic extra virgin olive oil following three basic principles: quality, typicality and territoriality. These take care of the entire production cycle: cultivation, harvesting, transformation, conservation, bottling and selling. We have 15,000 olive trees in 133 acres of olive groves, all organic farming certified.
Tasting sensations
Fig Leaf,
Black Pepper,
Region Marche, Italy
Suggested food pairing
Sautéed Asparagus Match: 5 / 5

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